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Skinning Resources

Make sure you download the skinning documentation provided by DotNetNuke: DotNetNuke Documentation

Here is a regularly updated list of skinning resources provided by the DotNetNuke community: Skinning Resources



Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition
A free WYSIWYG editor for creating skins. The programme creates XHTML compliant code and can highlight any invalid code to the W3C standards.  

Color Selection tools

Free color scheme chooser tool provided by DNN Creative Magazine

Color Schemer
Software and site to share color schemes

Web Developers Toolbars

Useful functions to plug into your browser, essential tool for web design, they provide a variety of tools for quickly testing, troubleshooting and validating your skins.

FireFox web developers Toolbar

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

W3C Standards

Ensure your DotNetNuke skins are coded to a high standard, check your skin files against the W3C Validation tools.

DotNetNuke Tutorials from DNN Creative Magazine

Beginners Tutorials

Administrators Tutorials

Core Module Tutorials

Third Party Module Tutorials

Tutorials for Advanced Users

Skinning Tutorials


Module Development Tutorials

There are also further video tutorials in the module reviews section.

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We will regularly keep this toolkit updated with the latest resources and information, so please regularly check back to read the latest version.