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Solpart Menu Additional Classes

There are additional classes available for styling the Solpart Menu which are not specified in the default.css file.

To enable these classes you have to enable the classes within your skin. You can do this by specifying the details in your skin.ascx file or if you are using a skin.htm file you set these details in the skin.xml file.

We have the following options available:

We need to assign a css class to each of these styling options so that we can style these menu elements within our skin.css file.

For these examples, we have added the following code to the DNN-Blue skin .ascx file:

<dnn:MENU runat="server" id="dnnMENU" rootmenuitembreadcrumbcssclass="MainMenu_RootMenuItemBreadcrumb" submenuitembreadcrumbcssclass="MainMenu_SubMenuItemBreadcrumb" rootmenuitemcssclass="MainMenu_RootMenuItem" rootmenuitemactivecssclass="MainMenu_RootMenuItemActive" submenuitemactivecssclass="MainMenu_SubMenuItemActive" rootmenuitemselectedcssclass="MainMenu_RootMenuItemSelected" submenuitemselectedcssclass="MainMenu_SubMenuItemSelected" />

Following these CSS class definitions, the following pages demonstrate the elements that they style. (Check the links above or at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side.)